CMCC Convened a Forum on Foreign Teachers' Work in This Semester


       On June 14th, CMCC held a forum on foreign teachers' work in the second semester of 2017-2018. The international cooperation and exchange center foreign teacher management personnel, teachers from the School of Humanities Education the Finance and Economics and 2 foreign teachers participated in the forum. The conference was chaired by Deng Chunmei, deputy director of the international cooperation and exchange center.


International cooperation and exchange related personnel first listened to the feedback from the teachers and students on the work and life of foreign teachers in CMCC, which laid the foundation for further improving the quality of the foreign teachers' management service. Then 2 foreign teachers expressed their opinions and suggestions on the teaching situation, students' attendance, the use of teaching materials and so on. The representatives of departments answered the relevant questions.

The attendants expressed their will to attach great importance to the work of foreign teachers in the future, actively improve the teaching service under the guidance of the school policy, and jointly improve the construction level of CMCC's international teachers.


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